Food & Drink Grade Flooring

With strict industrial standards that need to be met, our flooring is the perfect solution to ensure both the health and safety of staff and the consumers are protected while being maintenance free.

Floors in a kitchen or restaurant dining area, need to be able to withstand high traffic, spills, harsh chemical and scrubbing. While kitchens are traditionally made up of tiles and vinyl, because they don’t have a high performance finish, the top layer will wear away in high traffic areas, taking easy clean-ability with it.

This is where our floors go above and beyond, with excellent abrasion resistance without peeling, fading or chipping while withholding the concentration of colours and textures.

  • Does not support bacteria or fungal growth.
  • Hygienic – impermeable and non-porous with a good working surface finish. It is easily washed and cleaned.
  • Slip resistant – varying degrees of surface texture available from smooth to coarse slip resistant finish. Finishes comply with AS/NZS 4663:2002, AS/NZS 4586:2004.
  • Efficient set and drying times mean floors can be in service within hours of completion.
  • Resistant to cracking and crazing and is joint free apart from necessary control or relief joints in the substrate.
  • High thermal shock resistance – in applications where rapid and large temperature change is expected.
  • Zero odour
Suitable for areas subject to
  • Extreme hygienic conditions which require frequent and intensive, steam or hot water and chemically aggressive cleaning
  • Wet or dry production processes
  • Spillage of, or exposure to, aggressive chemicals
  • Highly demanding safety requirements concerning slip resistance
  • Service temperatures up to +120 ºC or down to -40 ºC
  • Heavy point loads
  • Frequent and heavy traffic
  • Impact

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Colour Range

Light Grey

Mid Grey

Curtin Call






More colours available on request.